📣 Product Digest #2: Surveys via Links, No-Code Press Kit Creator, and Secure Cloud Storage

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Collected a helpful list of products that will help you to conduct surveys and get feedback from your users; create a press kit for your future product using a no-code creator; and share your files (especially photos) easily for free. Take a look 😉

Product Digest #2

❔ Delighted

Delighted will help you to conduct surveys and get feedback from your customers and users. Just take a look at what it proposes:

  • NPS software surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction surveys
  • Customer Effort Score surveys
  • Smileys surveys
  • 5-star surveys
  • Thumbs up/down surveys
  • Employee Net Promoter Score surveys
  • Product/Market Fit surveys

You can use Delighted on your websites, in your emails, and via provided links. Also, there is an SDK for iOS. 👍 Easily customize what you need, see insight, and take action. See demo.

📰 ImpressKit

ImpressKit it’s a no-code press kit creator for your (great) product. Especially the service is helpful for indie developers who create side products and going to launch them in the near future.

See the interactive demo. I have nothing to add 🙂


Use MEGA if you need to store your files. For example, it can be a great tool if you’re a photographer. Some of my friend photographers are using MEGA already. Or you can use it as a backup place.

It provides end-to-end encryption, so your files will be secure. MEGA is cheaper than DropBox and Google Drive. By the way, 20 GB is free. Available as a desktop app, mobile app, web app, and even browser extension. That’s not all! You can use MEGA as a command line tool 😎

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