📣 Product Digest #3: Slots for Meetings, Export Work Time into Invoices, and Organize Your To-Dos

Collected a helpful list of products that will help you to provide your customers with the ability to choose a slot for a meeting with you; track your work time easily and export it right into invoices; and organize your to-dos using a tool with a great interface.

Product Digest #3

🗣️ Calendly

Provide your customers with the ability to choose a slot suitable for you and them to have a meeting together. You can do this easily using Calendly.

It’s a scheduling automation platform for eliminating the back-and-forth emails for finding the perfect time for both sides. You can even decide what tool will be used for your meetings: Meet, Teams or Zoom.

⏲️ Clockodo

Among a big amount of time-tracking tools for work, probably you would love exactly Clockodo 😉 The biggest advantage is its interface. It’s beautiful and easy to understand. It has great analytics capabilities. You can export your time right into your invoices.

See all the features Clockodo provides.

✅ Todoist

I’ve been familiar with this To-Do tool for a pretty long period of time. And I’d say that Todoist is one of my favourites in this niche! Probably you have heard about this tool, and it’s time to remind you about it 🙂

Todoist provides a great interface, more space and a well-organized structure. You can make some lists look like Trello and have boards with lists for different parts of the projects.

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