📣 Product Digest #4: Best Translator Ever, Workshop Creator, and Awesome Icons

Collected a helpful list of products that will help you to translate your articles and documents easily without Google translate; organize your workshops using existing templates; and use free quality icons for your next product.

Product DIgest #4

📝 DeepL

Do you use only Google Translate? If you have not heard about DeepL yet, it’s time to check out this great translating tool!

You can translate whole websites, articles and documents here. The quality of the translation is very well. Some people even say that this is the best translator ever 😎 So, probably, it’s time to replace Google Translate?

🎫 SessionLab

If you create workshops, I have a great tool for you 😉 It’s SessionLab.

You can use SessionLab for: team activities and games, icebreaker games, problem-solving workshops, issue analysis, goal setting, leadership and personal development group cavities. See available workshop templates.

🖼️ Noun Project

If you need free icons for your product, probably it’s the best place. Noun Project provides lots and lots of icons. I have nothing to add 🙂

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