💡 Product Tips #5: Minimum Lovable Product, Invest in Communication, and Do Less but Better

Wrote some product tips that will help you to understand what a Minimum Lovable Product is; realise that investing in communication is very important; and will make you think about quality instead of quantity.

Product Tips #5

Minimum Lovable Product

You heard about MVP. Bat what about MLP? Minimum Lovable Product. Try to create a product or a service that delivers a simple, beautiful, and joyful user experience.

It’s about creating something that people really want and enabling them to do it in the best possible way 🤗

Through great UX we can help people to complete tasks more quickly, more easily, and with much less friction than before. Through well-considered messaging, characterful illustrations, and delightful interaction design we can put smiles on faces and ensure that your product is enjoyable to use. You don’t need to be a “Designer” to be creative, but try to really care about user experience.

Invest in communication

Put more time into your documentation, handover, and meetings today. Tomorrow it will save lots of your hours. It’s one of the best investments you can make.

⚠️ Doing such an investment, you’ll minimise risk and increase the chances of a project or task going well the first time.

Do less. Better

Yes, I understand that you have a million things you want/need to do or implement. But what about doing less but with better quality? You can implement one feature instead of two or three, but this one feature will fit your MLP (see tip #1).

Think about what’s truly important for your product at the moment. Allocate time to focus on completing one thing 1️⃣

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