💡 Product Tips #6: Customer Quotes as Email Subject, Social Proof, and Storytelling in Posts

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2 min readJan 17, 2023

Some product tips that will help you to increase open rates and higher conversion by using verbatim customer quotes as email subjects; using social proof to increase subscribers to your newsletter; and adding storytelling to your blog posts to attract your audience’s attention.

Product Tips #6

Use verbatim customer quotes as email subject

Try using verbatim customer quotes as email subjects to increase open rates and higher conversion. What’s the reason? Trust. Trust from “similar” customers of your product.

It can drive the revenue of your product. Just try and measure the difference. Use services like Trustpilot to get real feedback.

An example:

"I've recently fallen in love with Bloduct."

Do you? 😉

Use social proof

Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of others in an attempt to undertake behaviour in a given situation. Read more here.

For example, reference the real number of your subscribers and change the CTA button from “Subscribe” to “Keep me updated”. Also, add personal reassurances by guaranteeing that you will not send spam and be explicit about what you offer.

Add storytelling to your blog

If you have a blog, try to add storytelling to grow your audience. For example:

  • Write content like a dialogue
  • If you don’t have an interesting story, offer a fictional one, but say that it’s not true
  • Use a picture that is related to your story
  • Focus on emotions

🧏 When we hear stories, our brain acts as if we’re feeling the stories. Read this post to get more information on how storytelling impacts our brains.

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