💡 Product Tips #7: Lifetime Subscriptions to Have a Runway, Personal Demo, and Time-triggered Emails

Some product tips that will help you to understand how to get money for advertising campaigns and other essentials at the beginning of your product by selling lifetime subscriptions; converting free users into paid customers by offering a personal demo; and adding time-triggered emails to help you users if needed.

Product Tips #7

Sell lifetime subscriptions to have a runway

If your product is at an early stage and you need money to pay for advertising campaigns and other essentials, try to sell lifetime subscriptions. It will give you some additional space to get started and have some runway for your product ✈️

You can offer monthly subscriptions for $9.99, yearly for $59.99, and lifetime for $299.99. Yes, definitely, not only the big lifetime payments will get you started, but they can often amount to 50% of revenue.

Offer a personal demo

Try to offer a personal demo to every single person who signs up to convert free users into paid customers. It will help you to build real relationships with your leads, prospects, and customers.

Use Demio if needed. Or, use software like Zoom or Livestorm. Don’t forget to appoint a time using Calendly 😊

BTW live product demos can be broadcasted to hundreds of leads at once, making it easy for sales teams to generate and qualify more leads.

Add time-triggered emails to help if needed

After registration, your users can feel lost. Try to tell them that you’re here and ready to help them if needed 🤝

Add your own onboarding sequence. Have three-, six- or eleven-day marks. Free trial users would receive support-specific emails prompting them to engage with you for help. See an example from Groove:

Time-triggered email

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